Smart Investing Made Simple!

SmartWealth helps you take charge of your financial well-being.

We all desire a comfortable living-decent home, leisure, good education for our children, affordable healthcare and security in old age-free from desperation.

But the unpleasant reality is that

Many families need help paying house rent, school fees or meeting emergencies.

Going on a dream vacation or buying a car is out of reach for many.

And for even more people, owning their own home, sending their children to college or retiring in comfort is unattainable.

And popular savings methods fall short

Bank savings are notorious for their ridiculously low interest rates.
Homegrown methods such as ‘esusu’ or ’ajo’ does not pay any interest and experience disruptions from members opting out.
Formal cooperative societies introduces new problems of its own in form of the agency problem and overhead costs that diminish their value.
More problems arise when people try to use

formal capital products & services

Complexity opening and operating an investment account

Lack of knowledge about reliable ways to invest

Inexperience making right investment choices

Difficulty handling the unpredictability of returns

SmartWealth helps everyone overcome these problems by

Making it easy and convenient to operate an investment account.
Providing expert guidance and a personalised investment plan towards meeting financial goals.
Improving access to the best available investment opportunities for building lasting wealth.

So everyone can enjoy these positive outcomes

Better return potential than the popular methods.

Meet your financial goals as they arise

Enjoy richer, fuller lives

About SmartWealth

SmartWealth is a premium online wealth advisory solution provided by Ifriqiya Limited, an investment banking services firm incorporated in Nigeria to provide wealth and corporate finance advisory services to retail investors and SMEs.

We are operating under the regulatory sandbox provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Fintech firms that are using innovative technologies to improve access to capital market products and services.